A 5th century BC Greek shipwreck excavation off Turkey

I wrote this article for  the 2000 edition of the journal Antiquity, following the first season of excavation by the Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA) of a classical Greek shipwreck off the west coast of Turkey at Tektas Burnu. I was very fortunate to participate in both the 1999 and the 2000 season at this site, carrying out more than a hundred dives to 45 metres and excavating some wonderful artefacts - including intact painted Greek vases of the 5th century BC ...

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Diving on the wreck of the Charles P. Minch (1898), Tobermory, Canada

These pictures show my daughter in August 2014 on the wreck of the Charles P. Minch, a wooden schooner that went down in 1898 in Tecumseh Cove off Cove Island in Lake Huron, Ontario. Most of the wreckage lies in 7 to 15 m depth, and in common with the other wrecks here is exceptionally well-preserved in the cold fresh water. Many thanks to the crew from Diver's Den in Tobermory for making this such a great outing for us!


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A new shipwreck site of the 17th century

I’ve just returned from a very exciting week of diving and underwater discovery. For some time now I’ve been on the trail of a shipwreck reported years ago by divers but never investigated. Three days ago I finally found it, having very nearly swum over the site without seeing it on the final day of diving ...


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My final post as guest-editor of 'The Afterword' on Canada's National Post newspaper:

This unusual author portrait was taken by my brother Alan near Tobermory in Lake Huron, one day in spring as the ice was breaking up. I’ve been passionate about diving since boyhood, and in my career as an underwater archaeologist I’ve dived all over the world. But I’ve always loved returning to Tobermory, the place where I did my first open-water dive in 1978. It isn’t just the extraordinarily well-preserved shipwrecks that draws me back ...


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Diving under ice

This film of me underwater was taken by my brother Alan one day in April as the ice was breaking up on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. We’d driven the four hours from our farm up the Bruce Peninsula to Tobermory and Fathom Five Provincial Park, a favourite dive spot of ours because of the number of well-preserved shipwrecks there of the 19th century. We’d had a great experience the previous spring diving under the lip of ice remaining on the shoreline ...


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