'What do you get if you cross Indiana Jones with Dan Brown? Answer: David Gibbins' Daily Mirror

10 novels in 30 languages - over 3 million copies sold

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  • PYRAMID, the eighth in my Jack Howard series of archaeological adventures, was published in the UK in hardback and ebook on 6 November and is out in paperback on 26 February next year, with the US edition in paperback as well as the audiobook appearing on 31 March. Click here for a FREE PREVIEW SAMPLER!

  • DESTROY CARTHAGE, the first in my Total War Rome series, was published in UK paperback in April and will appear in its US paperback edition on 18 November. The novel is also available in ebook editions. For news on the second book in this series, watch this space as well as my Facebook page during the autumn!


To find out more about the real-life diving and archaeological adventures that provide the backdrop to my novels, see my Bio and visit my Facebook page.

From the reviews:

On Pyramid:  '... an utterly compelling historical adventure thriller, delivered by a man who lives and breathes the archaeology.'   Parmenion Books

On Pharaoh:   ' ... a superb novel ... one of the best historical adventures you'll read this year.'   For Winter Nights

 'I find every single one of these books so plausible, so real I hate coming up for air ... a true leader of his genre and his art.'  Parmenion Books

 On Destroy Carthage:  'Superb scenes of the horrid surprises of war ... the road to that Roman victory is the true reading enjoyment'  Kirkus Reviews

 ' ... simply breathtaking ... one of the best historical novels of the year'  Upcoming4.me


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