'What do you get if you cross Indiana Jones with Dan Brown? Answer: David Gibbins' Daily Mirror

'Superb' Kirkus Reviews

'History, mystery and myth all brought together to astound the reading senses ... a true leader in his genre and his art' Parmenion Books

12 novels in 30 languages - over 3 million copies sold

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 INQUISITION has received a STARRED REVIEW in Publisher's Weeky, the influential US publishing magazine:

'A sophisticated plot lifts bestseller Gibbins' superior 10th thriller featuring archaeologist Jack Howard (after 2017's TESTAMENT). When the wreck of an English ship that sank off Cornwall in 1684 while transporting equipment and people back from the failed colony of Tangier yields a silver coin marked with a Star of David, Jack is baffled. The vessel would have had to pass through waters controlled by the Inquisition, and it made no sense for it to contain any evidence of the merchant's Jewish faith. To resolve that conundrum, Jack delves into an obscure chapter in British history - the abandonment of the North African colony in favour of a focus on consolidating the British Empire's control of India. His pursuit of an explanation takes him to Portugal and Bolivia, since the initial mystery proves to be just the tip of a large iceberg with major ramifications. Steve Berry fans eager for an intelligent blend of suspense and reality, including some horrific contemporary developments, will be rewarded.' (review on 5 February 2018)

INQUISITION has been published in UK, US, French, Greek and Italian editions. Click on the covers for links to Amazon or the publisher websites. 


The nine previous novels in my Jack Howard series can all be ordered from Amazon. To find out more about them, including free sample chapters and synopses, go to Books and International Editions. Before INQUISITION, the most recent in the series were TESTAMENT, PYRAMID and PHARAOH. Some reviews of these novels can be seen opposite.

On TESTAMENT: 'A brilliantly written thriller' Parmenion Books

'The diving sequences are marvellous ... there isn't another thriller hero like Jack Howard and I treasure him'  For Winter Nights


All of my Jack Howard novels include sections of historical fiction, ranging in date from prehistory to the Second World War and amounting to the equivalent of at least three novels in length - including a setting in PHARAOH during the British campaign in Egypt in 1885 that occupies more than half of the novel. In addition, I've published two historical novels set entirely in the Roman period, DESTROY CARTHAGE and THE SWORD OF ATTILA, both of which have appeared in twelve international editions.

On THE SWORD OF ATTILA:  'A hugely entertaining novel, thoroughly researched and vividly characterised.' Historia

 On DESTROY CARTHAGE:  'Superb scenes of the horrid surprises of war ... the road to that Roman victory is the true reading enjoyment'  Kirkus Reviews

 ' ... simply breathtaking ... one of the best historical novels of the year'  Upcoming4.me

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