Published photographs

This page showcases some photographs of mine that have been published in print and online news media since 2016. My photos of the 17th century wrecks of the Schiedam and the President off Cornwall in England have appeared on the BBC news website, in print editions of national newspapers and diving magazines, and in numerous online news, diving, archaeology and science sites internationally. This is a result of press releases that we have issued to report the discovery of the sites and new finds, with the latest on the Schiedam being in November 2018. A number of these pictures first appeared in the online news site Cornwalllive. Click on the photos to see enlarged views and email me if you wish to publish these or similar images, which are all available in higher resolution. They are all my copyright.

The wreck of the Schiedam (1684)

The wreck of the President (1684)

Little Trolvis Quarry, Cornwall

Other published Cornwall images